Cloud Governance and DevOps:

Must-have Tools For Your Journey Into the Azure Cloud

About webinar

Are you planning to migrate your IT environment from on-prem to the Microsoft Azure cloud? Or maybe you've already started, found it challenging, and need tools to help you along?

We understand that the journey from on-prem to the cloud is no cakewalk. Fortunately, we’ve done this a few times and want to share our expertise with you. We’ll introduce two key concepts: Cloud Governance and DevOps. These tools and processes will help you overcome your challenges and help you prepare for the complex journey ahead.

What are Cloud Governance and Dev Ops and how will they help your organization succeed?

Sign up to our webinar and experience our Microsoft-certified MVPs and cloud migration experts walk you through the adoption of a DevOps culture and governance processes.

Learn why these are key to embracing the cloud. Equip yourself with knowledge about cloud adoption and the benefits of going full cloud-first. And most importantly, understand how to leverage the many best practices of Cloud Governance and DevOps to make the cloud work for you!

Who is it for?



IT professionals migrating solutions to the cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Architects

DevOps Engineers

Why you need to attend:

You’ll learn about Cloud Governance and DevOps, and why you need them to improve your chances of success

You’ll find out how to address common management and operational challenges in organizations with a cloud-first initiative

We’ll share with you the 6 most common challenges that organizations face with cloud adoption, and how to overcome them with Azure Cloud Governance and DevOps

You’ll get professionally authored documentation from our subject-matter experts and many practical tips on starting with Cloud Governance and DevOps adoption

Our experts

Tomasz Onyszko - CTO

Tomasz is a technology expert on digital identity and governance, leading and advising for IT projects worldwide. Currently shaping a path for organizations to guide businesses into a new (multi)cloud reality. With over 17 years of experience in the IAM field and multiple MVP titles, Tomasz is leading Predica in its technical choices and directions as CTO. He is sharing his advice on Predica blog & vlog and his thoughts about the IT industry and technology on his personal blog.


Daniel is a Microsoft Most Valuable (MVP) and a Principal Software Engineer at Predica, where he implements projects based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. He regularly appears as a speaker at national and international conferences. He runs the devisland blog and publishes the source of code of his personal projects on his GitHub profile.

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